Wednesday, January 10, 2024

Impressive! Tenth Ward Distilling Smoky Bourbon and Maryland Rye Whiskey

I have been following Tenth Ward Distilling Company since I was first introduced to them in 2017, and I tasted their terrific smoky white corn whiskey and spicy white rye! I even included their white rye in THE SPIRIT OF RYE! before they released their barrel aged product. And, things have only gotten better!

I saw her again at the recent Maryland Rye Symposium in Baltimore in November of 2023. 

Founder and self-described Boss Lady Monica Pearce is an industry dynamo. She has guided this highly-regarded, small batch craft distillery since its inception. The distillery makes a Gin, a Maryland Rye Whiskey, a Smoked Bourbon and an Absinthe. They also have a line of season releases, as well as special limited edition releases, and a line of canned cocktails.  

The brand has been a hot item, being featured in Craft Spirits Magazine, American Mash & Grain, Frederick Lifestyle, Sass magazine, FindIt Frederick magazine, and many more, and was named Best of the Best Frederick by the Frederick News Post. The effervescent Monica herself (and some of her staff) has been interviewed on at least a half-dozen radio stations throughout Maryland.

X Tenth Ward Distilling Smoked Bourbon is an ideal whiskey for Islay Scotch lovers. Monica and her crew use a blend of locally sourced corn (which they smoke!) and malted barley, and process it in Frederick, Maryland. The grain is mashed and distilled here at Tenth Ward. The whiskey is then aged in  charred American White Oak barrels. This is a lovely whiskey with notes of cereal and buttered popcorn with a hint of Christmas spice, vanilla and caramel, but it has that slightly campfire finish so many Scotch lovers long for. A terrific bottle.  

X Tenth Ward Maryland Rye Whiskey is a real Maryland Rye, made with rye grown and malted right there in Frederick! It’s also distilled from a 100% malted rye mash bill, making it, technically, a single malt as well. I love malted rye whiskies. Big, bold mouthfeel, with dark fruit, notes of cocoa, and chocolate malt. There's nice notes of dark caramel, vanilla, black pepper, and Christmas spices. The malt is the flavor that lingers the longest. Rich and satisfying. A fantastic dram!

Two impressive whiskies you definitely need to seek out!