Thursday, November 30, 2017

Little Varick Winery Making Huge Strides and Nice Wines!

On a recent trip to the Finger Lakes I passed Varick Winery. I'd never tasted nor knew nothing about the place, so on a whim, I decided to stop in. Varick Winery and Varick Winery Country Store is located on the north west shore of Cayuga Lake. For the most art, the wines are estate and Finger Lakes fruit. Only a few select wines come from Long Island fruit.

It used to be known as Cobblestone Farm Winery & Vineyard and in January 2014 the name was changed to Varick Winery & Vineyard. "Except for the new name, nothing is different," co-owner Bob Rozzano said at the time..."If you are looking for the winery with the little country store that offers complimentary preserves, jellies, mustards, salsas, dipping oils, herb dips, barbecue sauces and condiments, look no further than Varick Winery."

The Varick Winery Country Store carries jellies, jams, preserves, fruit butters, honey, pickles, relishes,olive oils, salsas, hot sauces, mustards, BBQ sauces, and marmalades. It's a fun experience. There is also an inn connected with the property as well. The one thing I liked right off the bat, is that Varick serves up a morsel with every wine you try. Each wine has a specific food chosen to g with that wine. I loved that.

On to the wine tasting!

Varick Dry Riesling 2016 is chock-a-block with lemon peel and floral notes, and green apple in a very sophisticated and elegant way. A very nice dry Riesling.

The Varick Estate Dry Vignoles 2016 was very very good. Among my favorite wines of the tasting. A big perfume of powerful tropical note - pineapples, lime, melon, with a nice sour pop ending that keeps the sweetness of the wine at bay. Very elegant, aromatic, pretty wine!

Varick Lemberger 2016 was filled with darker cherry, plums, stewed strawberries, with a velvety texture. Really, really liked this wine. A definite keeper!

Varick Syrah 2014 is made from Long Island fruit. This was a big, meaty red wine, exploding with dark fruits like blueberry, cassis, and dark cherries. Silky smooth in the middle. Hints of black pepper on the end.

The Knapp Vignoles Reserve 2016 was among my other top picks. Amazing. Honey, vanilla, tropical fruits like mango, pineapple, as well as ripe green apples and tender ripe pears. Big and unctuous, with lots of viscosity. A gorgeous dessert wine that calls out for a thick blue veined cheese and a wedge of rustica bread. Amazing!!!!

Over all, I was very impressed with Varick Winery. Some great wines, a nice tasting room experience, and lots of fun things to taste an try. A fun consumer experience!