Friday, March 22, 2019

The Amazing Dr. Konstantin Frank Sauvignon Blanc 2017!! (NY)

I just came from the Eastern Winery Exposition 2019 in Syracuse. Aside from spending money, and attending classes, I tasted a great many wines. Without question, the one that stood out far and above at the show was the Dr. Konstantin Frank Sauvignon Blanc 2017.

Now. my first thought was...Sauvignon Blanc in the Finger Lakes? Yes, they are growing it there and the wines showed beautifully. The panel I attended showed three lovely east coast Sauvignon Blancs, two of which were from the Finger Lakes. General Manager, Meghan Frank, presented the wine for Dr. Frank's.

Interestingly, the wine was a blend of Volz Vineyard fruit and fruit grown at the ever impressive Sawmill Creek vineyard. The grapes came in at approximately 20 brix. Apparently, what was even more impressive was the winery decided to cold soak the grapes for 12 hours. Now, it's not uncommon for wineries to cold soak fruit, but it's usually red grapes that recieve that treatment, to improve color and mouthfeel. This was an interesting idea for a Finger Lakes white. The free run and press fractions were mixed together. So the wine was all in. There were four days of cold settling. The wine was further kept cold for one week after racking, and stirred every two days to increase mouthfeel by stirring up fine lees. That's a lot of fine wine making.

The gamble paid off. The wine had an impressive bouquet, and the mouthfeel was out of the world. While we have come to expect lean, crisp east coast whites, this was a full-bodied wine, with tremendous mouthfeel, complexity, and balance.

Simply put, it was one of the best white wines I have tasted from the east coast, and would be a standout in any region around the world. An exceptional wine that deserves to be tasted. If you're not trying it, your missing something.

Excellent. Exceptional. Impressive. Congrats to the winemaking team at Dr. Konstantin Frank!