Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Schulze Cuvee Reserve Sparkling Brut is Amazing! (NY)

Recently, while at the Eastern Winery Exposition 2019 in Syracuse, NY, I had the occasion to run into a bottle of Schulze Cuvee Reserve Sparkling Brute. Shulze has a way with bubbles, and has fast become one of the top sparkling producers on the east coast, joining the ranks of Sparkling Pointe, Goose Watch, Glenora, and Thibaut-Jannison.

Image may contain: 3 people, including Shaun Finley and Tyler Finley, beard

Tyler Finley and Shaun Finely are making some terrific sparkling wines out there in Burt, NY, in the western part of the state, just below lake Ontario. The family owned winery began as a grower for Great Western back in 1971. The finally opened a winery in 2007!

The Schulze Schulze Cuvee Reserve Sparkling Brute is a blanc de blanc. Hand harvested. The wine delivers like a great champagne, with a bready nose, crisp pear, fresh apple, hints of tropical fruits, a delicate touch of toast and vanilla. A truly lovely, refined sparkler. Great job to the Finely brothers!!