Saturday, March 02, 2019

I Love the Droit! Chateau Des Charmes (Niagara on the Lake - Ontario) (CA)

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I LOVE the Niagara on the Lake wine region in Ontario, Canada. A region filled with truly impressive wineries. One of my favorites is Chateau Des Charmes. This is a legendary winery within the region. Here, Michèle and her husband, Paul-André Bosc carry on the legacy of French winegrower, Paul Bosc Sr who founded Chateau des Charmes in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario in 1978.

Recently I brought up from the cellar a Chateau Des Charmes 2010 Gamay Noir "Droit'. This is a special wine.

According to winemakers Paul Bosc and Amelie Boury, "In the early '80s Paul was doing routine inspections in the vineyard and noticed a single Gamay Noir vine growing straight up and taller than the others in the block. I was interested in the potential of this vine so we took cuttings and propagated the vine and eventually made wine from these specific grapes. The wine did have some of the classic Gamay characteristics, cherry flavours and a medium body style, but there was also a layer of complexity that was a pleasant surprise. Gamay 'Droit' also has warm spicy notes and a hint of smokiness that is quite lovely...." Vineyard manager Miguel Fontalvo said, "Initially we thought this 'droit' or upright vine would ease some of the trellising work done by hand. These vines have particularly strong tendrils and sturdier canes which help the vine grow straighter. All we have to do is make sure they are growing in-between the wires. Gamay 'Droit' grapes mature about two weeks later than standard Gamay Noir so we need to be particularly vigilant for signs of break down so we can prevent problems and allow the grapes to fully mature."

The wine was as big as any Gamay Noir I have ever tasted. Bug notes of dark cherry and dark berry, with a loveliness smokiness as mentioned above. And just thr gith amount of vanilla and acidity to let the wine remain vibrant in the mough long after one had swallowed. This wine was superb!!! Incredible. I love the Droit!