Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Bet The Farm Winery Sparkles! (NY)

The story of this winery is charming. According to Nancy, it came from a conversation in one of those moments when  Nancy had cold feet about entering the wine business. Her husband, Kit (a well-known veteran in the New York wine industry) assured her with the words, “Don’t worry, I’ll help you. You can bet the farm on it.” The words stuck with her and Kit has kept his promise. His help in the shop, in the winery, and with marketing ideas have been invaluable. During 2012 he left his long-time position at another Finger Lakes winery to lead their staff full time at their "Big blue" winery up in Trumansburg, NY.

Now you have to know that Kit Kalf is one of the legendary characters (in a very good way) of the Finger Lakes wine making mafia. He has spent decades in the business, making and promoting New York state wine. Lcukily, I recently caught up with Kit and Nancy at the Eastern Winery Exposition 2019 in Syracuse on Kit's birthday weekend. I tried a pair of their wines.

The first of their wines I tried was the Bet the Farm Traminette 2017. It was a lively wine that smellled and tasted like a beautifully made and layered Gewurtraminer. A big floral nose, with hints of tropical fruits and fresh apple, pine apple, and a nice dose of citrus at the end. I loved it.

But the absolute kicker was the Bet the Farm Brut Gamay 2015! A lovely strawberry cobbler of a wine, with a nose of fresh bread and wild strawberries, as well as some other lovely notes of lime and cream, with a thousand lovely little bubbles. A tremendous sparkler with so much flavor and great mouthfeel! Absolutely fantastic!

Mancy and Kit, these were terrific wines! Bet the Farm sparkles!!!!