Thursday, March 14, 2019

Asylum Ginger Zap Vodka - Cocktail Heaven (CT)

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Asylumn Distilling is located in Bridgeport, CT, and is the brainchild of Robert and Bridget Schulten. Robert is in charge of distilling, and Bridget is sales and marketing.

Rob Schulten - Distiller & Educator  Bridget Schulten - Sales & Events

According to Robert, "It's all about making the most interesting flavors possible using locally grown corn to create craft, small-batch bold taste spirit sensations... Many people don't know what real flavors are, but I'd like to introduce everyone to artisanal flavors, flavors that only come from the best that nature has to offer...Asylum Distillery never adds sugar, always uses non-GMO corn and will never introduce a product you can make better yourself at home.  Since our start in 2014,  we try to live up to our motto, "Distilling the spirit of Connecticut"."


I first spotted Asylum Ginger Zap in the state store in New Hampshire. I took a shot. I always like to support local.

Asylum Ginger Zap is an infusion of ginger root in vodka. It's a big, bold flavored vodka. A big honest dose of ginger. I don;t normally like flavored vodkas or whiskies. Not ususally what I like. But I took an instant liking to this idea. And knowing Asylum, I also knew the stuff would be legit - both in its inspiration at the creation level, and in its execution.

Perfect for mixed drinks, especially with the warm weather approaching soon! Makes a great G&T!!! Fantastic Cranberry Ginger Mule! A super cocktail ingredient with an honest, interesting twist!

Great stuff!