Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Achtung! Ferrante Gruner and Gewurtz Shine! (OH)

Gruner Veltliner - GRV - Signature Series

Let me start off by saying this....I love Nicholas Ferrante. There are a lot of lovely people in the wine business. But there are some more lovely than others. Nick is a good guy. And, he's a wonderful winemaker. 

Ferrante Winery is a family run business, and is located in the Grand River Valley in Ohio. He is a member of the Ohio Hall of Fame and was named the Ohio Winemaker of Year award by the Ohio Grape Industries at the Ohio Wine and Grape Short Course in Columbus, Ohio. 

According the the Ohio Hall fo Fame, "Nicholas Ferrante, a third generation winemaker for Ferrante Winery in Harpersfield, is regarded as one of the state's most respected winemakers...He has generously given of his time, serving on the Ohio Grape Industries Committees and on its research subcommittees. He has been a supporter and collaborator of research and innovation, be it through our universities or in his support or the Grand River Valley initiative or the creation of Pairings Wine and Culinary Experience. He has also been a speaker at nearly every major industry conference in the country."

He's also a terribly nice fellow. I recently saw him at the Eastern Wineries Exposition 2019 in Syracuse, NY. I was lucky enough to try two recent vintages of his wines.

Gruner Veltliner - GRV - Signature Series

The Ferrante Gruner 2017 was bright crisp and aromatic with green apple and a bouquet of tropical fruits. Lovely, minerally, and with a zippy ending, the wines was a classic version of what a Gruner Veltliner should be. Lovely!

The Ferrante Gewurz 2017 was even better. Now, let me say first, Gewurztraminer is among my top three favorite white wines. This had a lovely, floral and tropical fruit nose, with lovely green apple in the middle, and a pineapple, grapfruit finish that was sensational. A terrific, terrific wine!

Conrats Nick. Terrific stuff!