Saturday, March 30, 2019

A Real Compliment: VaLa Vineyards Silk 2010 Bottle no: 3494 (PA)

So I got a call from some fellow winemakers, Ken Hardcastle, Bob Manley, and Chuck Lawrence from Hermit Woods Winery in New Hampshire. They wanted to stop by and do a tasting of my wines. Of course, I cajolled them into staying and then I went down into my wine cellar. I wanted to pull up a few really good wines to impress them with. When you're with wine people, you want to show off a little...and who better to share good wine with, than people who will actually appreciate it? Always fun to have wine people over!

So I pulled out a 2000 Bordeaux, a lovely Cabernet Franc from Califonria, and for my show stopper VaLa Silk 2010 from Avondale, PA. I did it because Vala is always an eye-opener.

Chatter started. Ooos and ahhhs for all the wines ensued. But something funny happened. Even though it was the lightest wine by far on the table, the VaLa Silk 2010 was the first that was gone. Everyone kept going back to that bottle.

Anthony Vietri is one of the most talented winemakers not just on the east coast, but I would dare say the US. Tucked into his little corner of the world, he just grows Italian varietals and makes small batches of incredibly good wine.

So her was essentially a rose-styled red, a rosato, if you will. And it was eight years old at that. It had lush cherry, ripe and deep, with floral hints as well as red cassis and raspberry, but all grounded and layered with light touches of wood and smoke. An incredibly complex and layered wine, with hints of cranberry as well. Lovely fruit and acidity. Smooth and easy drinking. Absolutely fantastic!

But the real thing was this - four wine makers in a room all agreed...the best wine on the table among some very, very good wines. Now that's a REAL compliment!

Great job Anthony!