Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Wolffer Estate (NY)

Wolffer Estate has always been among my favorite wineries on the east coast. There is no question that Roman Roth is one of the best winemakers on the east coast, let alone in New York state. I liken Roman to a piano player. One who can play rag time as well as play a classic American standards, and turn in a virtuoso concerto performance. His wines are can be wistful and entertaining, as well as mature, stately, engaging, professional, and passionate.

He can be playful when he wants to, and deadly serious the next. While visiting some friends in Southampton, I recently had the opportunity to visit Wolffer, which I hadn't been too, admittedly, in almost 10 years, though I had drank their wines in the meantime. Sadly, it had to be a bit of a mad dash, since I had a dinner date with friends.

The tasting room and the tasting experience at Wolffer are near the top of the game when it comes to in-house charm, elegance, and flat out personal attention. You are seated at tables and the staff bring you your flights. Loved it!

Wölffer No. 139 Dry White Cider (2013) is a classically made apple cider. Roman made it using traditional cider making techniques and blended it with a his usual signature elegance. Big aromas of baked apple and fresh pear.  A lovely, green apple finish, with nice acidity. Elegant and refreshing.

Wolffer Estate Christian's Cuvee' Merlot 2005 Bttl. #1954 was a lovely wine! This is really a library wine. Wow. Big dark cherry, plum and cassis all come through on the nose and palate. Silky soft and smooth, with hints of spice, vanilla, and whiffs of fallen leaves. Gorgeous!

Roman Roth prides himself on making this Merlot which showcases this varietal wine's best potential. He says: “This is a big Merlot!”  And it is true! The Grapes of Roth Merlot 2008 has big red cherries, dark and ripe, with cassis and raspberry. Big flavor with nice tannins. Good structure. A complex wine that has many flavors from juicy to elegant. One of my absolute favorites.
Wolffer Estate Lombardo Merlot 2011 was magnificent. This was instantly one of my favorite Merlots when I tasted it several years ago. And this vintage is no different. Big ripe cherries, raspberries, and cassis. Vibrant! The fruit lasts, and lasts, slowly melting in a lovely dry background. The tannins are big enough to compliment the fruit, but not so big to overwhelm. Beautifully balanced. An incredible wine. One of the best Merlots on the east coast! Fabulous!

Even with this quick trip to Wolffer (how sad is it to say I had to get in and get out? very!) they confirmed for me Roman Roth's position as one of the top winemakers on the east coast! He's one of those guys who could make great wine anywhere. How happy are we that he's doing it here?!

Go to Wolffer. Buy Wolffer! You will never regret it!