Thursday, April 02, 2015

Inspire Moore Change Reserve 2010 (NY)

I've said it before, I'll say it again. Tim Moore is one of the coolest guys in the east coast wine business. And I always love seeing him. While I was at Eastern Wineries Exposition 2015, in Syracuse, at the blogger station, I ran into him. He'd brought a fantastic wine to the blogger station - Inspire Moore Change Reserve 2010!

You know how a wine is good. When 20 people are standing around asking if there's any more of that wine - and they point to the empty bottle of Change Blaufrankish Reserve 2010. That's a good review.

The 2010 was 100% Bluafrankish fermented in New York oak Puncheons and then aged for 6 months in oak. Big fruit up front with raspberries, strawberries and plum. Nice acidity keeps the fruit fresh and tangy and on the palate a full minute after the sip has passed. Soft tannins. A lovely Rhone-ish styled red. A really gorgeous wine.

When 20 wine people keep coming at you asking for more....well, you know you have a winner. And Moore is a winner.

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