Sunday, April 21, 2013


Drink Local Wine held its fifth annual conference April 13, 2013 in Baltimore, at the Tremont Suites Hotel and Camden Yards. The conference featured Maryland wines. The state’s industry is one of the fastest growing in the country, and its 61 wineries are almost 50 percent more than in 2010.

The state’s four growing regions allow it to produce a variety of wines, including the classic European varietals but also some that are distinctly New World in style. The Maryland Winery Association is the conference’s primary sponsor.

“We’re growing a world of wine styles and varieties throughout Maryland, and we’re excited to share them through Drink Local Wine,” says Kevin Atticks, the Maryland Wine Association’s executive director.

Maryland’s modern wine history dates to the 1970s, but grapes have been planted in the area since the 17th century. Most of the state’s wineries are in the Piedmont Plateau in central Maryland, but grapes also thrive in the Eastern Shore, Southern Plain, and Western Mountains.

DLW 2013 followed the success of the​ first four conferences — in Dallas featuring Texas wine in 2009, in Loudoun County featuring Virginia wine in 2010, in St. Louis featuring Missouri wine in 2011, and in Denver featuring Colorado wine in 2012. DLW also holds an annual Regional Wine Week, in which wine bloggers, writers and columnists from the U.S. and Canada write about their favorite regional wines, ranging from Ontario to New York to Florida to Texas to Colorado.

More media and bloggers attended the Maryland DW 2013 than any previous conference. It was a tremendous success for both DLW and a great coming out party for the new Maryland wine scene.

Lenn Thompson from the New York Cork Report

Dave McIntyre of the Washington Post with one of the owners of Sugar Loaf Mountain

 Owners and staff of Sugarloaf Mountain Vineyards, the first stop on the tours.
Blogger Frank Morgan and Black Ankle Vineyard co-owner Ed Boyce. The second stop was Black Ankle Vineyards.

Dave White, Andrew Stover

Michael, Katie, Richard and Dezel

Dave McIntyre, and Ed Boyce and Sarah O'Herran of Black Ankle

Sarah with Kevin Atticks, Exec. Dir. Maryland Wineries Assoc.

Katie and Richard

Bob Deford, Boordy Vineyards

Mike and Rose Fiore, of Fiore Winery

The folks from Serpent Ridge Winery

Bert Basinagni speaking to the assembled.


Joe Fiola of Western Maryland Univ.

Robert Deford talking at the seminars

DLW 2013 included a Grand Tasting and Twitter Taste-off of Maryland wines, featuring two dozen of the state’s best wineries, on April 13.


 David Falchek and his bride to be Rosemary

The ubiquitous and always cool Dezel