Friday, December 24, 2010

Benmarl Baco Noir Hudson River Region 2009

Benmarl Baco Noir is a cultish thing. You either know it and love it, or will know and you will love it. Take note.

I have been hoarding Benmarl's Baco Noir for more almost a decade. I have at least a half case sitting in my cellar. It is without a doubt one of the best red wines made in the valley as well as in the state. And any one who refuses to drink hybrids is kidding themselves. This is a classy wine that is a Rhone-ish as it gets. They are missing a treat.

We drank this alongside the Shaw Vineyard that I just recently reviewed, alongside the others in that post. Again, the Benmarl held its own.

This newest edition is a dark cherry confection, with a hint of mocha in it, which is unusual for a Baco Noir. It's got lots of dark, tart cherry, and hints of vanilla, and a touch of pepper on the nose and on the tongue. As usual, this edition of the wine is an excellent version, with all the flavors you expect of a Benmarl Baco Noir. It's everything you'd expect from a nice, dark Rhone wine.

Now, your job is to go out and fnd a few bottles, and start hoarding themself too, becuase they will go quickly. And deservedly so!