Sunday, February 21, 2010

Winery Hats

OK, so I am a sucker. A true American consumer. I'm not so much into t-shirts....but I am a sucker for a winery baseball hat. I probably have at least twenty. What can I say?
I have them from all over the world. I'm nuts. I love 'em. My wife is horrified. "Just what you need, another hat!" she'll say in a huff when I show off my newest trophy. And then there's the problem of where do they go? She finds them all over the house (because I wear them of course). Of course, I am chided like a little baby - "Please pick up your hat!" or "Please put your hat away!" Some times she uses more colorful language to describe the hats - depending on what kind of mood she's in.
And now my sons are growing up, and they think it's cool to wear one of dad's hats. So when I'm not looking or not around, they'll wear one of my winery hats. And then inevitably, they leave them somewhere...anywhere. And then I hear my wife calling my name in a huff! There's no winning.

I am constantly worried. She likes to throw things out. A Sports Illustrated two weeks old? Gone! Catalogs for the holidays, Cabella's, LL Bean, even Williams-Sonoma and Pottery Barn, Gone! I am always worried that she's taken her anger out on

Be that as it may, I continue to jones for winery hats. Above are my east coast winery hats. Many are missing. Especially one of my favorite - Red Tail Ridge.

Anyway, these are some east coast winery hats.