Sunday, February 21, 2010

Bartlett Maine Estate Winery Blackberry Wine (sweet)

OK, so everyone knows that I think Bob Bartlett is one of the most talented fruit winemakers in the world. As I have said before, if he were in France or Belgium, there be a stature of this guy somehwere in a town square. He's that good.
And to prove it, you shouldtry his Blackberry Wine (sweet). I usually hate blackberry wines. I can only think of two or three that didn't make me absolutely blanche. Usually, they taste like lollipops flavored with booze. No so, here.

This was a big, deep, almost cassi-like dark red dessert wine, with lots of flavor, lots of acid, and a great finnish. Ended with a touch of pucker, which makes it sing!
A wonderful, wonderful wine! Bob does it again!