Sunday, January 04, 2009

Red Newt Cellars With My Wife and Father-in-Law

OK, so it was the holidays, and so we spend time with our in-laws. And my father-in-law is Bob Hoover, who lives not so far from our house in Freehold. While were trying to spend some quiet time during the holidays, we decided to call him and see if he wanted to join us for a little dinner one night. Dominique had decided she wanted to make a type of white wine coq a vin, made with Riesling and heavy cream she had found in one of the recent food magazines.

My father-in-law arrived wiht his dog, Lulu.

As Dominique began making this, the house began to be overwhelmed by the aroma of this dish. We all munched on fresh French brie and a baguette. It was nice to see Bob. We all prattled on about the year in retrospect, and discussed the economy and everything else. We also chatted about family, etc.

All the while, the pot of chicken and vegetables, no cooked, went into the oven for the final push, filing the house with more and more tremendous aromas. And with all of this, we decided to try a wine out of the wine cellar. A Red Newt Riesling 2000.

Fabulous! It went really well with the aromatic, nay, smelly, brie! And when we finally sat down to eat, devouring the hot, tender chicken, roasted potatoes and carrots, we sopped up the creamy, steamy broth with more french bread, and washed it all down with the bright, fresh Red Newt Cellar wine.

It was a nice way to spend the night...the holidays.

Red Newt continues to be one of my favorite wineries. They know what they are doing.

Congrats to everyone over at Red Newt!