Saturday, January 31, 2009

Maine Mead Works Highlighted in Press Herald (Maine)

January 26, 2009
Wine from honey: What it all meads
Shannon Bryan
Press Herald Sunday Telegram and

I had the happy opportunity to tour the Maine Mead Works winery this weekend. And no, I didn't drive two hours out of town to some 100-acre tree-lined vineyard.

The Maine Mead winery is tucked into a small corner of a Portland warehouse on Anderson Street in Bayside. That's right in our backyard.

Mead, you see, is made from honey rather than grapes. And while mead was around long before Jesus made wine out of anything, it's popularity dwindled a few hundred years ago.

Luckily, mead makers like Portland's Eli Cayer and Ben Alexander are helping mead get back to its rightful place at our daytime celebrations and late-night confabulations.

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