Wednesday, May 07, 2008

“Taste of New York ” Cookbook

The New York Wine & Grape Foundation has published a new “Taste of New York” cookbook featuring New York wines paired with New York foods in recipes created by New York chefs.

A “Starting with Wine” page upfront lists the many types of New York wines, along with recipes would pair well with them, complemented with a “New York’s Great Grapes” index with photos of the most common wine grape varieties and wines, and examples of foods which match well. The major sections of the book are Starters and Sides, Entées, Desserts and Beverages.

The new cookbook mirrors the 13-part public television series co-produced by WXXI public broadcasting and the Foundation, as well as many other wine-and-food initiatives which the Foundation has launched over the past decade. These programs have become nationally known, to the extent that Foundation President Jim Trezise was asked to present them at a marketing conference in Napa Valley on May 1 and 2.

“This ‘cookbook’ is far more than a collection of mouth-watering recipes created by great chefs using local ingredients,” said Trezise. “It’s a celebration of a major farm state— New York ! For many people, even including many New Yorkers, the phrase ‘ New York ’ conjures up images of Broadway, Wall Street, and the Statue of Liberty. But ‘ New York ’ also means vineyards, a cornucopia of farm products, and sensational seafood. New York is both a great city and a great state, filled with great people who produce and consume great New York wines and foods. New York has it all.”

Just as the TV series was co-produced with WXXI by Jim Trezise with support from Dana Alexander , the cookbook project was coordinated by Foundation Vice President Susan Spence in conjunction with photographer Randall Tagg, designer Book Marshall, and Chefs Dan Martello and Tim Cashette of the New York Wine & Culinary Center . The project was funded by a state grant to the Foundation secured by Senator Catharine Young with support from Assemblyman Bill Magee, who chair the Agriculture Committees in their respective legislative bodies.

For years, the New York Wine & Grape Foundation has promoted New York wines with New York foods in New York restaurants through its “New York Wines & Dines” program. That focus of wine as food, and wine with food, was carried over into the New York Wine & Culinary Center , the gateway to New York wines, foods, agri-tourism and culinary tourism, which was spearheaded by Constellation Brands and is featured at the beginning of the book. The cookbook will be sold through the Center, with proceeds benefiting its educational programs on wine and food.

The recipes were created and generously contributed by chefs committed to New York. Chefs Dan Martello and Tim Cashette of the Center created several recipes featured in the “Taste of New York” PBS series, along with those using Concord grape juice. Several New York wineries with restaurants which have led the way to fine dining in “wine country” have shared their recipes, along with several restaurants which have received the New York Wine & Grape Foundation’s “Restaurant” award for showcasing New York wines as part of a fine dining experience. There are also recipes from fine restaurants in New York City and other areas of the state, as well as organizations representing other agricultural products such as apples, beef, maple, and seafood.

Besides the recipes, this cookbook contains sections with practical information on wine and food pairings, the New York wine industry, the New York Wine & Culinary Center , the Pride of New York program, and helpful web sites guiding consumers to more information.

The “Taste of New York” cookbook is all about fresh, seasonal and local—the megatrends that are taking the country “back to the future”. People want to know where their wine and food comes from, who produces it, and whether it is safe and good. They also understand that buying local products is supporting their own community and economy, as well as minimizing “food miles” and “carbon footprints” from long-distance shipping and excessive packaging.

“This cookbook’s messages are clear,” said Trezise. “Eat local. Drink local. Think local. And Uncork New York !”

MEDIA CONTACT: Jim Trezise ,, 585-394-3620