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Pittsburgh's Channel 4 Highlights Local Wineries - SEE THE VIDEO!


Local Wineries Have Lots To Offer
POSTED: 4:57 pm EDT May 6, 2008
UPDATED: 6:37 pm EDT May 6, 2008

While Pittsburgh residents have enjoyed warm weather and sunshine, a blast of cold air in California might have put your summer wine selection on ice.

More than 20 nights of frost damaged some of the Napa Valley's world-famous merlot grapes. But finding a good glass won't be a problem in Westmoreland County.

WTAE Channel 4 Action News reporter Jennifer Miele went to some local wineries to find out what their picks are for a merlot replacement.

There is a delicious selection at Stone Villa in Acme, Westmoreland County. Merlot lovers flock to one called Vistonia, which has a blend of red grapes developed by owner Randall Paul.

"We have some of the cabernet grape in there," said Paul. "We also have a little shiraz grape and it's a semi-dry wine, and merlot drinkers seem to like it."

Randall and his wife, Debbie, said Pennsylvania wines should be on your table. Their grapes are just starting to bud, but in California, the nation's best merlot grape growing state, the effect of two-dozen chilly nights could bring the harvest there down substantially.

"We grow about 15 percent of the grapes we use to make wine," said Paul. "The rest of the grapes we use are grown in Pennsylvania throughout the state."

The same thing goes for the Greenhouse Winery in Rillton, Westmoreland County, the Heritage Wine Cellars at the Grove City outlets in Mercer County, the Paterini Winery in Ellsworth, Washington County and La Casa Narcisi in Gibsonia, Allegheny County.

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