Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Terrific! Heritage Chambourcin Burn Pile Vineyard 2012 (NJ)

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For those of you who don't now, I am a big fan of Chambourcin and Baco Noir. Too many wineries buy into the old saw that these are inferior grapes. Snobs. People of lesser understanding. In order to prove this, they back sweeten the wines, and make sweet, inexpensive reds that are aimed for popular consumption...and are usually not very good.

But recently, winemakers are giving the grapes better treatment, and voila! the wines are impressive. Sean Camninos at William Heritage Vineyards has made a lovely Chambourcin that is most impressive as a dry table wine. (Side note, I think Chambourcin makes great ports and solid nouveau too!)

William Heritage has skyrocketed in reputation over the last five years to become one of the best wineries in the state. Recently, I pulled out of my cellar a William Heritage Chambourcin Estate 2012 that I must have bought about five years ago, when I did a story about them in Edible New Jersey.

Heritage uses their Chambourcin in several wines, mostly blends as well as a small bottling of this varietal juggernaut. The William Heritage Chambourcin 2012 was superb! The grapes are estate grown, from the Burn Pile Vineyard.  "There’s always a blend or two, but there is a varietal each year. The single vineyard “burnpile” site is really unique," said Sean.

It starts of with a big dark red stewed fruit attack. Dark stewed cherries, raspberries, and plums all blend together in am impressive statement. Notes of slate, mocha, and spice eventually give way to toast and vanilla. A lovely dry wine with big fruit and lovely tannins. Complex  Well balanced.  It offers new layers with each sip.

One of the better Chambourcins available today. An impressive wine that will be a terrific surprise to you guests...even the snobs.

Good wine is good wine. And Sean Caminos is make terrific wines.

Congrats to all those at William Heritage!