Monday, April 22, 2019

CLASSIC! 10 Year Old Bottle of Farnum Hill Semi-Dry Cider NV (VT)

I have always considered Farnum Hill as a First Growth house of cider making. The consistency and quality are far beyond many newer, flashier cider producers. Stephen Wood and his staff are simply tremendous. 

Wood has been making ciders for as long as I have been covering east coast wines, at least 15-20 years. And his ciders have never been better. He even took the time to write an entertainng and informative book:


I recently went down into the cellar to find something intriguing. And I suddenly found a truly dusty bottle of Farnum Hill Semi-Dry. This is a non-vintage product, but this bottle was at least 10 years old. In late March 2019 I was eating some lovely Cabot Clothbound Cheddar.

Image result for cabot clothbound cheddar  Image result for cabot clothbound cheddar

In wonderful company, I popped the cork on the bottle. The first notes were baked apple and fresh bread. Then some wherry-ish notes wafted over the bottle. I wasn't sure if I'd overstepped the aging of this fine cider or not. We poured into a glass and it was copper in color. 

On the palate we got baked pears and apples, hints of sherry, caramel, and lovely fresh acidity at the back end. It was spectacular! A terrific cider. An absolute testament to the quality of Steve and his staff's cider making. Truly amazing stuff!