Sunday, July 08, 2018

Union Grove Releases First Whiskey - Drie Brook Rye - Lovely! (NY)

Union Grove, a well accomplished local distilled announced just the other day: "The wait is over. Friday July 6th at 12 noon when we open the doors for the day you will be able to purchase our first batch of Rye whiskey. This is the first offering of any kind of Whiskey at Union Grove. We will have 750ml and 375ml available in limited quantities. When this first batch is gone it will be almost a full years wait for batch #2."

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According to the distillery, "Owners Brian Mulder of Roxbury and Todd Pascarella of Fleischmanns along with the encouragement and support of their wives, Penny Mulder a full time nurse and Jeanine Pascarella a full time mom to Max and Amelia, decided to change careers from construction and spray foam and cellulose insulation to distilling.  Both having extensive experience and knowledge in construction, building science, and the insulation retrofitting of old homes."

Union Grove, a family run distillery, has been in operation since February 2016. Up 'til now, they have been primarily known for their award winning Vly Creek Vodka made from NY apples and wheat ( they also produce a vodka made from pure Tree Juice maple syrup which is made about 6 miles from the distillery). The first batch of 500 bushels of NY apples was pressed locally and the Hubbell Family farm on an antique cider press that has been in service since the 1800’s.  They also make a rum-styled product from maple syrup as well. I like their vodka, very, very much! A great cocktail blender or great on the rocks.

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Now comes their new rye just released last week. Drie Brook Rye (pronounced Dry Brook Rye) is named as such because the word Drie is the Dutch word for "three." Three streams come together into one near the Union Grove distillery. The Dutch settlers called it Drie Brook which over time became Dry Brook. This first bottling is ten barrels at 15 gallons each for a total of 150 gallons of Drie Brook Rye Whiskey that was aged for about 12 to 14 months in new charred oak barrels made at Adirondack Barrel. This first big batch of rye whisky was made possible by the distillery's supporters and fans who are now referred to as "Barrel Captains" at the distillery. 

I was lucky enough to be in Roxbury, New York this last weekend, where I was able to sample the new elixir not more than half a dozen miles from the distillery. It was the new release day. This is a lovely dram with all the notes you expect from a rye whiskey. Big spice on the nose accompanied by caramel, brown sugar, and black pepper, followed by a lovely smooth mouthful of cereal and caramel and brown sugar, followed by vanilla, and a shock of gingersnap. Goes down smooth. Very, very lovely!

Great job folks!!!