Sunday, July 08, 2018

Throwback Brewery - A Fun Visit! (NH)

A month or so back I went with friend Rich Srsich and David Lee to Throwback Brewery in New Hampshire. It was a fun visit. In July of 2011, Annette Lee & Nicole Carrier started selling beer in a small warehouse space on the seacoast of NH. Their goal was to acquire 100% of their ingredients for the beer (such as hops, wheat, barley, fruit, and spices) from within 200 miles of the brewery. Currently, they are about 70% to 99% of the way there (depending on the beer).

According to them, "Many breweries in the pre-prohibition era sourced their raw ingredients locally and then processed them before brewing. To that end, our brewery is really a throwback to the past. We strive to make small batches of high quality, artisanal beer from the freshest of local ingredients, with the intent that these beers be enjoyed by our surrounding communities."

The brewery is located at Hobbs Farm, a 12 acre working farm in North Hampton, NH. Their farmstead is from the 1860s and used to be a sheep farm. Since buying the property in 2012, they’ve raised goats, pigs, donkeys, and heirloom chickens. They also care for their hop yard and small orchard. 

They have a wide variety of beers on tap! My favorite was the Berliner Wiess. I had it sans syrup, but you can get three or four different syrups to pour into it to make it extra fun! My friends were incredibly thrilled with their beers as well! A great time, excellent food, and terrific beer! Loved it!

They have an excellent menu and the food was incredible. Amazing!