Sunday, July 29, 2018

Sherwood House Vineyards 2003 Cabernet Franc - Amazing! (NY)

Sherwood House was always among my favorite producers. recently, a friend came to visit, and we ventured into the cellar to find something to try. Low and behold, out of nowhere, I found a bottle for Sherwood House Cabernet Franc 2003 from the North Fork of Long Island.

Sherwood House was the love-child of Dr. Smithen and his wife Barbara. He has since passed on, but Barbara is still the Doyen of the Sherwood House brand which now shares it's home with the Hound's Tree label and her new partners.

But this was the old wine. A 2003 vintage. It was now 2018. How would a 15 year old bottle of Cabernet Franc hold up? Eric Fry, of Lenz, and Gilles Martin of Palmer Vineyards and Sparkling Pointe, both used to make the wines for this house. I wasn't sure who made this wine. However, as far back as 2003 I was a massive fan of his Sherwood House chardonnay, which I often provided to my Kistler/Pahlmeyer drinking friends, much to their astonishment. The reception was always shock and excitement!

We popped the cork with much apprehension. But our fears were soon replaced by excitement. Afraid I might find nuances of mold, mushrooms, or worse (due to MY poor cellaring - not Eric's lack of wine making), were were instead greeted with a big burst of dark cherry and dark raspberry and only a slight, slight hint of fallen leaves or tomato (the harbingers of much older wines). The fruit was still vibrant and impressive. With hints of vanilla, cassis, cedar, and graphite all still present. The layers and complexity of the wine continued to amaze as we sipped the wine on it's own and with food.

I always love to pull out an old bottle and see if it has aged well. You of course get duds from time to time (from all over the world), but this bottle was absolutely a gift!!! Always so excited when an east coast wine can age this well. Just continues to show the promise of the region.....still always exciting!

Absolutely impressive!!!!