Monday, November 20, 2017

Yankee Folly Cider Great Light Cider From the Hudson Valley (NY)

Yankee Folly Cidery was established in April 2014 formed by Edmund Tomaselli and Eric James in New York's Hudson Valley. The hard cider is produced using apples from the Jenkins & Lueken orchards on Yankee Folly Road in New Paltz. According to the website, "It started over 50 years ago with Eric’s grandfather Jack Lueken, his partner Raymond Jenkins, and just a few trees and five varieties. They soon became a local favorite. The orchard was family-owned and family-operated then, and is now."

Today, the Orchard has expanded to thousands of trees and over 40 apple varieties. Of these varieties is the distinctive and highly acclaimed Golden Russet that Jack Lueken himself brought over from Germany. 

The Hudson Valley is home to numerous cideries. And this is an excellent addition! The cider is more like a off-dry Riesling, with lots of green apple and red apple, with hints of lychee and melon. A very, very impressive light cider! Despite it's more popular branding, it's actually a damn good light cider! Drink up!