Monday, November 20, 2017

Stowe Cider - Wow! (VT)

I first had Stowe cider when I bought it at the general store in Woodstock, VT while visiting the Woodstock Inn with family a while back. Then two years ago I went to taste camp and tasted some of their newest ciders, and I can't lie, my brother-in-law Robin Hoover also brought me several small caches of it during his visits coming down from the Green Mountains. As has my friend Todd Trzaskos also from Vermont. So I have been well stocked, and well supplied.

In an article from Stowe Today, in May 2017, "Stowe Cider is looking to move its production to a new facility, according to a report in Stowe Today. The move to the new 4,000-square-foot location will enable the cidery to quadruple its production. Construction is planned for this summer if state permits are approved. Local permits have already been secured. The owners anticipate that all permissions needed will be in hand by June.The new location will be used primarily for production. Stowe Cider’s tasting room in the Red Barn shops will remain open."

The article went on to say, "To iron out wrinkles in the water and sewer situation on Town Farm Lane, town officials have been working with Stowe Cider owners, as well as Chris Curtis of West Branch Gallery, who owns the building Stowe Cider will rent, and Howard Smith and Nate Freund of Sushi Yoshi."


Stowe Cider is among my favorite New England cider producers Though there are many I like I freely admit. But Stowe is good stuff! Tips Up is their semi-sweet cider, with a lovely crispness that's hard to beat. This is the easy quaffer! High & Dry is almost like drinking sparkling wine, The apple comes across green and delicious and tart, but the there's no sweetness at the end, Just a lingering of sour apple. A great food cider! Safety Meeting is my beer cider here. Dry hopped, ti has a beautiful floral nose, with a dry finish and a great hop flavor, almost like an apple tinged light lager. Refreshing and awesome!

The Stowe Rum Ginger Hard Cider Smuggler's Reserve was easily the favorite of he whole tasting!!!! This is a ginger infused cider, that was aged in a rum barrel. A big pop of green apple with lots of spice and pepper, mixed with the delicious aged rum touch. Damn, this is as high end as cider gets. Loved it! One of my all time favorite high end craft ciders. This is where cider goes from craft beverage to craftsmanship and artisanal. 

The Bourbon Hard Cider Barrel Aged Smuggler's Reserve is a cider aged in a bourbon barrel. A big, brown sugar and apple bomb with a little gingersnap to it. Very very nice. Impressive!

You may not have the friend and relatives I do, but you need to get your hands on this stuff asap anyway! Make the effort, it's worth it!