Monday, November 20, 2017

Clark & Chesterfield Bourbon and Single Malt Whiskey Impress! (NH)

New England Sweetwater Farm & Distillery was established by Robert Spruill and his wife Patti, and his brother Joshua Spruill in Winchester, NH. They are in the South West corner of New Hampshire’s Monadnock region. The farm is nestled on 50+ acres near the slopes of Mt Pisgah. It is a family run operation, both farm and distillery, and according to them, is conveniently located within a 200 mile radius of Portland ME, Manchester NH, Boston MA, Providence RI, Hartford CT, and New York City.

Clark & Chesterfield Bourbon Whiskey is distilled from 51% Raw Yellow corn, over 30% Rye, and the remainder is Malted Barley. This high Rye Mash is aged in full size New American Oak barrels. This small batch Bourbon was bottled at 107 proof for their 1 year anniversary. This is a big bourbon, with loads of caramel, brown sugar, and a big wallop of black and white pepper and gingersnap. It can stand up to ice, can be enjoyed straight, or used in your favorite bourbon cocktail. Loved it!

Clark & Chesterfield Solera Aged Single Malt Whiskey is a single malt barley-based whiskey. Using the solera method, often associated with port and sherry, but being used by a number of American distilleries now, they age the whiskey in a combination of new and used American oak barrels. Robert and Joshua explain that their barrel aging rooms are right next to the river which helps to modulate the temperatures, making for “constant year-round temperature for perfect aging.”

 These two whiskies can be purchased at the distillery or the New Hampshire state store in limited quantity. Great stuff! Get some!