Thursday, May 11, 2017

Hudson Valley Winemaker's Wines In Process Meeting 2017

Bruce Tripp of Milea Vineyards has been running the tasting panel in the Hudson Valley now for several years, and I think it has make a huge difference, and I am not the only one. The idea is to bring wines in process, not just the good stuff, but especially the problem wines, so that winemakers can help each their make better wine, and sell better wine in the region. These kinds of tasting panels have performed wonders in other regions, the Finger Lakes comes mostly to mind, and has done a very good job of both connecting and sharing information between winemakers in the region!

Recently, the Hybrid reds in process tasting was held at Clearview Vineyards last month. One of a half dozen winemakers tastings during the season that Bruce organizes. It was a fascinating tasting. A good group showed up with some unexpected results. 

Richard Eldridge of Brimstone Hill and Paul Denino of Bashakill

Richard Eldridge Brimstone Hill

Doug Glorie of Glorie Farm Winery

Ryan and Keri Kiernan

Bruce Tripp of Milea Vineyards

Rene and Paul Deninno of Bashakill

The Scoring sheets!

Frank Graessle of Clearview Vineyards and Richard Hardy of Che Rene' Vineyard in Slate Hill, NY

The big surprise was that while the Baco Noir flight was very, very solid, a new grape has emerged in the valley that seems to be making some head way - Chambourcin. The Chambourcin fliught was exceptional. There were three pure Chambourcins and a Chancellor and all were incredible. Big, deep wines, with structure and dry as a bone. Very, very impressive. No one thought that Chambourcin would wow the group as it did. But I think there will be some incredible estate reds coming out over the next year that will be truly amazing, and it seems Chambourcin will be among the grapes in those blends or as straight varietal wines.

Noiret, neve one of my favorite hybrids, also showed extremely well. I see it as a blender, but Clearview Vineyards made a believer out of me!

Great stuff going on in the valley!