Sunday, May 07, 2017

Galen Glen Winery - Some of the Best White Wines - Bar None! (PA)

Galen and Sarah Troxel own Galen Glen Vineyard. Galen and Sarah left corporate jobs and acquire the Troxell family double century farm. Galen was a mechanical engineer combined with a fondness for growing things from youth. Sarah was a former chemist, packaging liquid drugs, and transitioned to winemaking. Their heirloom farm is named after Galen and is a glacially carved 'U' shape or 'glen'. 

I met them at the Mid-Atlantic wine tasting in April at Waltz Vineyards set up by Penn Live writer Paul Vigna. They are incredibly unassuming people when you meet them. Couldn't have been nicer, or more completely plugged into the industry and what they were doing. Quietly, Galen Glen Winery has established itself as one of the best quality producers not only in Pennsylvania but on the east coast!

The thing you need to understand about Galen Glen is that they are obsessed with making the best possible estate white wines they can though they do make a few other wines as well. 

The first wine we had was the Galen Glen Gruner Veltliner Stone Cellar Reserve 2014. Picked in October. The vines were 14 years old at the time of picking, and they grew three tons of it. It had a massive grapefruit nose. Beautifully floral. Lots of ripe tropical fruit. A hint of passion fruit? Absolutely delicious! 205 cases were made.

The Galen Glen Riesling GJT Vineyard Stone Cellar 2015 exploded with Granny Smith apples, lychee, and Meyer lemons! It was a giant sour bomb! But in a good way. This wine was light, and lively, and delicate, and incredibly intense. A nice dry finish! They made 338 cases of this absolutely delicious dry Riesling. A real eye opener. This is an exquisite Riesling whether youre talking about Washington state, New York, or Europe! Wonderful!

Galen Glenn is one of the best quality producers on the east coast. And you really need to go see them!!! And try their wines. And tell Sarah and Galen I told you so!