Friday, May 12, 2017

Bluebird Distilling of Phoenixville (PA)

Jared Adkins is the founder of Bluebird Distilling. Jared gave up a job in the corporate world after having spent a few years learning everything he could about spirits. He took classes, visited distilleries, and worked with some of the best people in the industry. Jared's dad and his close friend Pierre helped him transform an abandoned building into a modern, working distillery. 

I found these two whiskies and was instantly intrigued. I have been to Phoenixville many a time in the past, so I was certainly curious.

Bluebird Wheat Whiskey was released for the first time in October of 2016. According to Bluebird, this whiskey was taken "from grain to glass right here in Phoenixville," This 100% wheat mash bill was mashed in, fermented, distilled and aged in brand new American oak barrels right there at Bluebird. The butterscotch comes across as promised, as well as a slight and pleasant cereal note. This is an extremely smooth whiskey easy to drink. Finishes with caramel, vanilla, toasty oatmeal, and a touch of spice. Super easy to drink.

Bluebird Distilling Rye Whiskey is a Monongahela rye, meaning that it is made from 100% American rye grain. The spirit was made at the distillery and aged in new charred American oak barrels. The interesting this about this rye is that it almost comes across like bourbon, until the finish hits you. The brown sugar, vanilla, and sweet cherry wood all come across on the nose as promised. Big big brown sugar and caramel and maple all come across on the palate. But then as the liquid goes down, a big pop of blalck and white pepper slice through the back of the tasting with a hint of ginger and other spices! Wow! Really nice!

The wheat was very, very nice, but the rye was a very unique experience. Loved it!

Great stuff!!!! Check it out!

And congrats to Phoenixville!!!