Sunday, May 07, 2017

Billsboro Cabernet Franc Sawmill Creek Vineyards 2013 - Vinny Aliperti Is Making Some Great Wines (NY)

Vinny Aliperti is going to be embarrassed by this quick post. I recently drank with a friend a bottle of the Billsboro Cabernet Franc Sawmill Creek Vineyards 2013. I would love to tell you I had it with some gourmet meal, but that would be a lie. We had apples and a NY farm cheddar, then graduated to a margherita pizza.

And you know what?

The wine was outstanding!!! This wine had cherry and raspberry and vanilla and toast and oak and and a hint of graphite and a whiff of vanilla and it was spectacular!

Now, I have written about Vinny before. And I'll probably embarrass him again before the year is over, because Vinny is making outstanding wines in the Finger Lakes (both at his winery Billsboro and at Atwater Estate Vineyards), and I sometimes think he doesn't get his due. But if you are ever in doubt, or at least curious, about what one of the best wine makers in New York state is doing, you need to try Vinny's wines, especially this wine!

Simply incredible!

Congrats, Vinny!