Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Venture Capital Firm Wanted: Spirits Business Portfolio For Sale!

We are at a tipping point! And the bankers too slow are going to lose out. Is that YOU? If your investment firm isn't looking at this exploding industry, then you are tooooooo late, and playing from behind! The times is now to assemble an east coast portfolio of wine beers and spirits. The industry has turned that corner.

I have a brilliant damned idea! If an investment firm can put together a capital fund of $50 million (or more) I can deliver a sizable portfolio of regional craft distillers, wineries, cidermakers, and brewers unlike anything anyone has ever seen. And then you can turn around and leverage those brands, and then sell it off to one of the big spirits firms who need to buy big blocks of revenue to increase their over all market share and gross revenues.

Five major regional craft distilleries have been purchased in the last six months:
Tuthilltown Distillers was just purchased by William Grants and Sons just this week.
Westland Distillery was purchased by Remy Cointreau in December 2016.
High West was purchased by Constellation Brand in October 2016 as well for $160M.
Sullivan's Cove Distillery (in Australia) was sold in December 2016.
Bulldog Gin was sold to Gruppo Campari for $58M last year as well.

As an industry expert, I am uniquely placed within the industry to deliver such brands and names so as to create a powerful portfolio that can deliver quality wines, beers, and spirits.

The craft beverage business, especially in states like New York, Maryland, Virginia, Texas, Colorado, and Michigan have produced regional powerhouses that are ripe for purchase and expansion. The number of these businesses have exploded exponentially. New York alone is now the second state in the union for distillery licenses.

Wineries have been expanding, breweries have been mushrooming, and cideries have been swelling with the juice of success. These smaller, burgeoning businesses are receiving record scores from the trade magazines and journals, are gaining immense industry coverage, and are ripe for the picking and assembling!

$50 to $100 million buys you a seat at the luxury brand beverage table! It makes you an immediate player, and the best positioned, once assembled, for growth and for resale!

I can assemble a team of experts in each field to target the businesses in the North American market to star up an instant, diversified craft beverage powerhouse.

For plans, expert advice, and an experienced executive with a proven track record, with corporate experience, to spearhead this innovative and full-proof plan, please contact asap.