Friday, March 24, 2017

Eastern Winery Exposition 2017 - An East Coast Who's Who

Eastern Winery Exposition 2017 in Syracuse has come and gone. Once again, the annual trade show and seminars was a gathering place of the who's who of the East Coast wine industry. And this year, they paired with the mid-west version of the event, License to Steal from Ohio. Great event. Super sessions. Great time seeing everyone in the industry.

Ethan Joseph of Shelburne Vineyards

Bob Manley, Hermit Woods

David Falcheck American Wine Society

Joe Fiola of Western Maryland University

Nick Ferrante of Ferrante Vineyards

Peter Bell, of Fox Run

Chris Granstrom of Lincoln Peak

Barry Tortolon of Heron Hill Vineyards

Howard Bursen of Sharpe Hill

Stephen Casscles of Hudson-Chatham Winery

Duncan and Robin Ross of Arrowhead Springs Vineyard
Carlo DeVito

Peter Oldak MD. of Jewell Towne Vineyards
Will and Karen of Eagle Crest

Art Hunt of Hunt Country Vineyards

Richard Olsen Harbich of Bedell Cellars

Bruce Tripp of Milea Vineyards

David Pazdar of Pazdar Winery

Peter Becraft of Anthony Road Vineyards 

JL of Stratus, Derek of Dr. Frank, Peter Becraft of Anthony Road, Vinny Alperti of Atwater estate and Billsboro

Denise Gardner of Penn State and David Falcheck of AWS 

Howard Bursen of Sharpe Hill Vineyards

JL of Stratus Wines 

Martha Gioumousis and David Falcheck
Jerry and Mary Baker of Victory View Vineyards 

Marcia Gulino of EWE

Denise Gardner of Penn State

Seferino Cotzojay of  White Horse Winery

August Deimel  pf Keuka Spring Vineyards and Ian Barry of Barry Family Vineyards

Tim Hanni wine expert

Bryan Van Deusen of Hudson-Chatham Winery