Sunday, March 05, 2017

Core Gin Has Arrived!!! And it is Sneaky Good!

Look what Derek Grout and Peter Upstill have been up to! Those sneaky guys have quietly been making GIN! And I walked in and caught them red-handed bottling their first batch for sale!!!! Love the label. Like Core Vodka, it has the apple label on the other side, instead though, it's a bright granny smith green.

Derek Grout

Peter Upstill

I tried the gin at room temperature...not the temperature I usually drink it at. Like Derek's other stuff, his light hand is delicate and tasteful. This isn't an over the top, club you on the head kinda gin. This is subtle with floral notes, some fruit notes as well, and of course a nice dollop of juniper. Super, super, super easy to drink! Smoooooth! This gin is soft, but sneaks up on you. It's sneaky good!

A great new addition to the Harvest Spirits lineup of distilled products! 

(photos of Derek and Peter: