Sunday, February 19, 2017

Moustache Brewing - Good People, Good Beer! (NY)

So I went with good friend Lenn Thompson from The Cork Report on a quick tour of the North Fork. In between wineries, we decided to hit Moustache Brewing, which I'd read about but mever experienced.

Matt and Lauri Spitz are the co-owners of Moustache Brewing in Riverhead, NY, on the North Fork. It is a 7 BBL microbrewery the supplies Long Island and New York City area with fresh, local and handcrafted beers. Let's just say from the begining I loved this little brewery!!!! I tasted about seven different beers, and I loved all of them. Hard to do, because I rarely like everything in a single tasting. Especially with beer. But I was astonished at the dexterity Moustache has expressing different styles with flair and flavor!!!!!

Moustache Brewing Winter Coat Winter Warmer 6% ABV  was a winter warmer brewed with cinnamon, clove, ginger, and clementine peel. This was absolutely outstanding, and one of my favorite beers of the entire tasting. Enthusiastically took home a four pack of this without question. Amazing! 

You'll Shoot 'Yo Rye Out Scotch Ale / Wee Heavy
7% ABV  Moustache Brewing Co.  Riverhead, NY  
Brewed with a S@#$ ton of rye

Moustach Brewing Lawn Cream Ale 4.7% ABV  was one of those beers at Moustache I was referring above. I generally loathe cream ales. But Moustache creme ale had lots of great flavor and balance, and was refreshing. I liked it so much, I actually bought a four pack of this as well! Incredibly drinkable and not cloying, but bright and easy to drink.   

Moustache Brewing IPA Double Dry hopped with comet and amarillo was one I was afraid of. I like IPAs but I am over whelmed by the hoppiness in the current American craft brewing.So I gritted my teeth, an tilted back the tasting cup. I was pleasantly surprised. There was lots of grain and taste, as well as the hops. Incredibly taste-filled and hoppy beer. Excellent balance!!!!

Milk & Honey a brown ale, and Wanderlust ESB were both also excellent!!!!!!

There were only two things I was unhappy about during my visit to Moustache Brewing. First, was that we had to leave. And secondly, that it's o far away from where I live. Fantastic brewery. Absolutely terrific!