Thursday, February 16, 2017

City Scape Pineapple Riesling Surprisingly Delicious (SC)

City Scape Winery is located in Greenville, South Carolina. It is a wonderful little winery, picturesque and pretty, with a custom crush component, and a winemaking supplier to local home vintners. Josh and Deb Jones, purchased Cirty Scape Winery from the previous owners, Wayne and Anita Tamme, in late 2015.

"It all started on a cold, rainy day in the fall of 2009. Stuck inside on the couch with nothing interesting to do, we started to be plagued with a condition that we loathe most in life called “boredom.” We decided to confront the issue head on and started to think of some creative things to do... After doing our research we decided that we were ready to take the plunge! We were delighted to find that there was a local winery and winemaking supply store near our home in Greenville, South Carolina. We pulled up to “City Scape Winery” and were greeted by owners Wayne and Anita Tamme who were sweet, charming and knowledgeable. Hours later, we walked out with the proper wine making supplies and our first wine making kit. Little did we know that this action would change our lives. Six years later our little hobby turned into more of a lifestyle. We have made dozens of wine varietals in many different styles and methods. In 2012 we made ten different types of wine for our wedding (125 bottles)." And they've been doing it ever since.

I first tasted City Scape Pineapple Riesling at the Eastern Wineries Exposition 2016 with Michael Kaiser and Danny Klein at the blogger's station. Josh and Deb proudly brought their bottle by for tasting!


City Scape Pineapple Riesling is a semi-dry Riesling that is fermented with fresh pineapple juice. Michael and Danny and several in attendance looked askance at this, but e all took a sip. Wow! It was a lovely, light Riesling with a touch of pineapple. One would have thought it would be this awful, candy-like experience, like Lifesavers with wine. But no, it was a delicious, light, highly acidic wine with a pretty nose of pineapple and apricot and peach, with a lovely, zesty finish. Actually, it was very, very well balanced, and a huge and pleasant surprise for us all! A great, honest wine that would be excellent with cheeses, salads, or for just sipping! Great job Josh and Deb!!!!!! Fantastic!

p.s. Josh and Deb sorry I am so far behind Apologies!

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