Sunday, January 08, 2017


Ok, so there's been an unplanned hiatus. Apologies. I had a number of things which took my focus away from my love of covering this industry and the many permutations it has undergone. From wineries, to cideries, to distilleries, and even breweries, I have been bother entertained and well as completely over committed and over worked.

But I am back now, with typos, misspellings, and improper grammar all ready to offend and make you wince while I dazzle you with how little I know about the industry (wink).

Anyway, I owe a great many apologies to thse who were awaiting reviews. If you hate my guts I understand. I promise to try to right as many wrongs as I have made. I promise a new leaf!

Anyway.....and now back to our regularly scheduled programming.