Saturday, January 14, 2017

Water's Crest Winery Continues to Impress (NY)

 Water''s Crest is always one of my favorite stops on the North Fork. Great wines. And I love the staff, especially Adam Slater. I always think of Cabernet Franc when I think of Waters Crest. and I usually love the CR blend. Their wines have continued to evolve and improve year after year, culminating in  some incredible scores from Wine Enthusiast as well as other great reviews and notices. I wa thrilled when I had the opportunity to stop by the other day.

The Water's Crest Sauvingnon Blanc 2015 is a big, over-the-top white wine. This is not the light, bright, acidic bomb you might be expecting. This wine was left on the lees and made like an "orange wine". Tropical fruits, caramel, vanilla, and butterscotch explode from the glass. I like Suv. Blanc, but this was so different, so wild, I really loved it!!!!!

Adam Slater 

This red table wine is a blend of classic grapes - a Merlot based wine, with 11% Cabernet Sauvignon and 4% Malbec. A lovely, jammy drinkable winewith lots of plum and raspberry. Is a perfect table red. Drink away!   

The Waters Crest Merlot Grand Vin 2013 was a very impressive wine is a BIG Baby!!!! This Merlot only spent 7 months in the bottle. It's a big fruit bomb with cherry and raspberry and vanilla exploding out of the glass. Buy two! One to drink now and one to lay down for the next seven to ten years! Wonderful!!!

Both the Waters Crest Cabernet Franc Grand Vin 2013 and 22014 were both amazing! Big, big cherry and raspberry right up front. Lots of vanilla. Just a hint of leather and a nice pencil graphite. Wonderful, wonderful Cab Francs, as usual from this house. Always among my favorites here. 

This is a combnation wine between Roanoak and Water's Crest. A wonderful, drinkable red. A very, very nice wine. Bought several bottles of this.

This wine was a wonderful surprise! Waters Crest Petite Verdot 2014. An amazing A big, velvety dollop of blackberry, plum, and cassis. Lots of vanilla! A fantastic wine! Amazing! 

Waters Crest CR 2014  is a blend of mostly Merlot, usually about 15% Cabernet Sauvignon, and a touch of Cabernet Franc. A big stew of dark berry, plum and vanilla. Just fantastic!! 

Linda and Jim Waters and Adam Slater are doing a fantastic job as per usual. Great stuff folks!!!!