Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Vermont Ice Maple Creme (VT)

I was at the Vermont Taste Camp when I came across this new liqueur Vermont Ice Maple Creme. It's from Boyden Family Winery. It's made from their estate syrup and brandy made from Vermont grown apples. I cannot lie, I was skeptical.

The Boyden family has been farming the 800 acres of land in the valley for over 100 years. Frederick and Phila Boyden purchased the farm in 1914 alongside their nine children with only 28 head of dairy cows. Two of those sons, Winfred and Sterns helped to maintain the farm and eventually Winfred’s son Fred Boyden took over the farm with his wife Diancy in the 1970s. Today, Fred and Diancy’s children, David, Mark and Stephanie Boyden continue to cultivate the land with beef cattle, organic corn, hay, soy beans, a sugarbush with around 10,000 taps, a wedding barn, and a vineyard with cold climate grapes, rhubarb, and a winery.

Boyden's Maple Cream Liquer is made from Boyden estate Maple syrup and apple brandy produced from Vermont grown apples. Vermont Ice Maple Créme is extra smooth with a big maple flavor up front. Almost like liquid maple candy, it's not cloying. Has a lovely, savory finish. Really amazing!

Don;t be afraid. embrace the maple creme. Perfect for holidays. Impress your friends and family....perfect for an evening for two!