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THE NEW SINGE MALT WHISKEY: More Than 325 Bottles, From 197 Distilleries, in More Than 25 Countries

Introduction by Clay Risen
Foreword by Chip Tate
Edited by Carlo DeVito

The most definitive guide to the new revolution in single malt whiskey across the globe, complete with cocktail recipes, bottle reviews, tasting notes, distiller interviews, and contributions from award winning experts!

The Most Dynamic Chapter in the History of Whiskey is Being Written Now! THE NEW SINGLE MALT is the only book on the market devoted solely to new world Single Malt Whiskeys and old world cutting edge Single Malt Scotches. This distinguished guide to the most discerning of beverages is a worthy collection of whiskeys from around the globe, classic and creative cocktail recipes, and full-color photographs throughout. Never before has a book taken such an in-depth look at the old and new world malts from near and far. THE NEW SINGLE MALT WHISKEY is the most up-to-date and definitive guide to the current revolution happening in single malt whiskey.


In global whiskey parlance, the preferred single malts usually are the older ones. In this new and remarkably detailed book, the title makes it obvious something new is being addressed here.

From the handsome cover, replete with raised lettering, no-nonsense information (“more than 325 bottles from 197 distilleries in over 25 countries”), and an admirable lack of frills, to the image of stately aging barrels more than 600 pages later, this collaborative effort is a must-have for anyone serious about whiskies.

In its promotional material, the Kennebunkport, ME, book publisher Cider Mill Press makes some big claims about this offering that includes writing and photography from a wide range of professionals. Things such as “definitive guide,” “the only compendium of its kind,” “handsome,” collectible,” and “perfect for whiskey lovers old and new.”

I submit that they are underselling it. “The New Single Malt Whiskey” is a masterpiece.

The well-organized book, which leads readers from country to country, is a delight from the start, which includes a scene-setting editor’s note from Carlo DeVito, a veteran of the publishing industry, a writer and editor himself of numerous books on drinks and other fun topics, and owner of the Hudson Chatham Winery in Columbia County.  Says he, “What is The New Single Malt? More than anything there are two things that help define it. Firstly, it is single malt whiskey made anywhere in the world. It does not need to be made in Scotland. That was the first criteria. The craft movement around the world is striving to compete at the top, most epic level. … Secondly, [it] is about style as well as place.”

In addition to the obligatory tours of such whiskey centers as the U.S., Scotland, Japan, Canada and Ireland, we are led label by label, photo by photo, word by word to places most people probably never think of when it comes to creating fine whiskies. Places like Taiwan, Norway, the Czech Republic, Iceland and Finland. The 70 or so contributors, some of them such as DeVito — who wrote the lion’s share of the entries, David Wondrich, Ruben Luyten, Eric Asimov and Elizabeth Emmons familiar to whiskey readers — span a range of experiences as writers, editors, distillers, bloggers, journalists, etc., as big as the range of stories in the book.

As someone who has conceived, edited and co-written a whiskey anthology (“Barrels & Drams: The History of Whisk(e)y in Jiggers and Shots,” Sterling Epicure) I know the difficulty of corralling a wide variety of writing styles and topics-within-the-topic and putting them into a coherent whole. I salute DeVito and company for succeeding in putting what must have been a seemingly overwhelming amount of information into such an attractive, cohesive package that all self-respecting whiskey aficionados, be they on the creating end or the consuming end, need to have on their bookshelves.

Where else, for example, are you liable to find in one tome the mini-histories and product reviews for whiskies of the Swiss Alps, the Hudson Valley, Scottish islands, England’s bucolic Cotswolds region, Austrian wine country, the Frisian coastal region of the Netherlands, and the area of Spain better known for its sherries?

“The New Single Malt Whiskey” is not only for those steeped in whiskey knowledge. It includes entries on the various woods used to age the spirits — and why American use bourbon barrels dominate; the whiskey glasses used to sample them; an old-school cooperage; and, how to taste whiskies. And, of course, it has a section on whiskey cocktails for those readers who want to put all their knowledge, newfound or otherwise, to use.

I have the feeling if you choose this book as a holiday present for someone in your life who enjoys whiskey, it will be the most appreciated of any gift he or she receives this year.



I'm proud to have some of my whiskey writing published in a voluminous new Single Malt book that was released last month.

The New Single Malt Whiskey book, published by Cider Mill Press and edited by Carlo Devito, is a hardcover book of over 620 pages and currently priced at $21.16 on Amazon. Over 40 writers contributed to this encyclopedic tome, which covers 197 distilleries, from over 25 countries, and reviews more than 325 whiskies. Approximately 25% of the contributors are women, showing the growing role of women in the whiskey writing world. As women currently consume at least 37% of all whiskey, then it is good to see growing numbers of women writing about whiskey, sharing their knowledge and experience.

The book begins with a series of essays about whiskey topics, covering issues from the Effects of Barrels to Peat, Whiskey Glasses to Adding Water. You'll understand the basics of whiskey production and some of the factors which might affect its taste. You'll then find another series of essays on Whiskey Cocktails, which includes a number of recipes, from the Rye Old Fashioned to the Savannah Mule.

Next is the heart of the book, articles and tasting notes for almost two hundred distilleries across the world, from Australia to Wales, from Finland to Taiwan. The book only discusses Single Malt Whiskey, which, in short, must be made from malted barley and come from only a single distillery. The book doesn't cover every single malt whiskey made in the world, veering away from some of the classics of Scotland and not including every variation made by each distillery. However, it covers a huge amount of single malts and I'm positive you will find plenty you knew little, if anything, about. In addition, scattered through this section are a number of additional essays and interviews.

This is an excellent reference book, one which you might find yourself using on a regular basis as you explore the diverse Single Malts available around the world. You'll probably find information about whiskies that intrigue you enough so you actively seek them out. Hopefully this book will also lead to you expanding your palate, tasting new whiskies which you might not have otherwise tasted. 

With the holiday coming, this book would make for a nice gift for any whiskey lover on your shopping list. I've been fascinated myself reading about a number of distilleries which were new to me. If you purchase a copy of this book, I'd love to hear your thoughts too.


"The New Single Malt Whiskey" – Carlo DeVito
The largest such project undertaken about the subject. 623 pages. DeVito leaves no grain of peat or blade of wheat unturned in this in-depth page-turner which answers every question, no matter how remote or trivial. Places and products around the world are named.


The New Single Malt Whiskey Book
This book is focused mostly on Single Malt whiskeys NOT made in Scotland.  This is a really interesting category that is evolving quickly.
“Single Malt” whiskey is one that is produced from Malted Barley at a Single Distillery.   Many producers around the world have begun producing this style of Whiskey.  For instance Westward Single Barrel Oregon Straight Malt Whiskey which is a wonderful whiskey.  You can read Brian's tasting notes on Westward here.

The New Single Malt Whiskey
by Sepo Galumbi

For the first time I would like to write a few sentences about a book today. I do not want to write much about it or bore you with a whole review and also I do not intend to discuss extensive book reviews here in the future (although these naturally have their place in the world of bar culture). But today’s book is a very special one for me, since I could contribute a small part to it.

“The New Single Malt Whiskey” is the title of this book, which has a very ambitious agenda: to introduce and describe Single Malt Whisk(e)ys from all around the world. More than 40 writers from different countries have contributed their expertise and I am very proud to be among them. The book was edited by Carlo DeVito and contains, as the title suggests, an introduction by American whiskey author Clay Risen and a foreword by Chip Tate, the head distiller of the Tate & Company Distillery.


The very extensive and massive book has what it needs to become a standard work while it is also visually very appealing as I think. The book contains complex information on whiskey production, barrel storage, raw materials, history and everything else related to the water of life. There is also a particularly important chapter on cocktails, which provides many beautiful inspirations. The lion’s share of the work is, however, formed by whisk(e)ys from all over the world. There are whisk(e)ys presented from over 25 countries and from 197 distilleries. A total of more than 325 bottles.

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