Monday, January 09, 2017

Champlain Orchards Cidery (VT)

I first had Chaplain Orchards Cidery products at the Taste Camp sponsored by The New York Cork Report last year in Vermont. I was with more than two dozen wine writers and bloggers from around the country. It was as educational as it was fun!

Champlain Orchards Cidery is located in Shoreham, Vermont. According to the website: All of the apples in our hard cider are grown, pressed, fermented, and blended on-site at Champlain Orchards. As one of the oldest continuously operating Orchards in Vermont, we take pride in growing over 100 varieties of apples, as well as peaches, pears, plums, cherries, nectarines, and berries. We are careful stewards of our land and grow our fruit following strict Eco Apple requirements while striving to minimize our carbon footprint and sustainably contribute to our community. 

Without question the Honeycrisp Cider was my favorite. Clean, with fresh, fresh apples, and lots of fruit aroma, the cider came across as clean and honest, with a hint of sweetness, but nothing cloying. A light, fresh hard cider, with a nice amount of carbonation, it was a great drinking cider you would happily have more than one of.

My other favorite was the Ginger & Spice. I was afraid it might be overdoed and cloying. But the opposite was true. It was an off-dry cider with a nice hint of ginger, which gave  it a spicy ending, and a lovely does of spices that gave it a lovely fragrance and a fantastic flavor. This cider is the perfect accompaniment to many Asian food dishes, especially the spicy ones. A delicious, delicious cider.

Champlain Orchards Cidery is a great addition to the burgeoning Vermont cider scene!