Sunday, July 10, 2016

Roanoak Vineyards - Christmas in July!

Number 1, this post is about 6 months too late And it will be more brief than others. I went around the holidays to Roanoak Vineyards, and had an incredible tasting. I was so impressed, I bought a half case and decided to be brave enough and pout a bottle of their wine on the dinning room table for a holiday meal in the Hamptons. My family are stalwart Italian, French, Spanish and California wine lovers.

I was among the small cadre who were among the last to taste I the old tastingroom, which is now the Case Club member only tastingroom. I was incredibly lucky enough to be hosted by Brenna Mary, who was erudite, knowledgeable, and incredibly charming. She is an incredible asset to the winery!

The Sauvignon Blanc was wonderful. Bright, with floral and tropical notes, and bighting acidity with hints of lemon and grapefruit! Fabulous!

The Chardonnay was lovely as well. Lovely notes of apple and pear but with equal balance to a large grove of lush tropical fruits as well. Lean and bright, and with a lovely finish, I loved this Chardonnay!

The Marco Tulio 2013 is a blend of 60% Merlot and 40% Cab Franc this easily became one of my favorite go Long Island reds! Big fruit up front, with a silky, smooth middle, and a lovely ending, this wine was the rave of the holidays dinner table!!!! Everyone loved it!!!! A wonderful wine, I apparently didn't buy enough. It's already gone So much for cellaring! But you could. It's a wonderful wine! And it shows the power of blending for sure!

This 100% Cabernet Franc 2013 was also incredibly sexy, with raspberries, dark cherries, and even a hint of red currant, this wine had legs all it's own, and incredibly drinkable. Loved it with hints of tobacco and leather, to support the fruit, but with a lovely ending!

To drink the Cabernet Sauvignon 2013 now is a travesty. Firstly, it's as dark as night. And it has powerful fruit up front. Big tannins. An absolute stunner, especially since I am not a huge fan of east coast Cabernet Sauvignon usually. This is a powerful wine than needs at least another two years or so. But My thought was that this would last well beyond the next presidential election cycle (no names here...LOL). A wonderful dark, deep wine, Sure to be a stunner!

Finally, I was thrilled to see Verjus! A rare find, but a lot of fun!!!!! Bright, floral nose, and a big acidic kick in the ass! Absolutely begging for salad or raw oysters!!!!!! Smarvelous!!!!!

Roanaok is one of my favorite Long Island producers!!!!! They make some of my favorite go to red wines, I promise, you will not be disappointed!