Sunday, April 10, 2016

Sloop Brewing Anchors in Columbia County!

Sloop Brewing has moved! They originally set sail in the Beacon area, but have recently anchored in Elizaville, in Columbia County!
Sloop Brewing Co. was founded in December, 2011, by Adam Watson and Justin Taylor, two friends who met at college and bonded over their love for good beer. After college, Adam and Justin started brewing. After retrofitting Justin’s garage into a nanobrewery and acquiring all the proper licensing, Sloop Brewing Co. was born and began selling their Red C and their Old World Pale Ale in Beacon every Sunday.
But more than that, Sloop is a team effort. There are a lot of folks in the background at Sloop who help make it the success it was today. They have a finance guy, a farm director,  farmer, a cellar rat, a farm stand manager, and a slew of graphic designers! You get the sense that a board meeting might  be more like a cookout than a bunch of people sitting around a large table in suits and ties. But don't et the lifestyle thing blind you - these guys are driven.
"With the humbling support of the Hudson Valley community, retailers, and local breweries, Sloop has been able to grow and raise the necessary capital to finance their expansion into a full-scale microbrewery.  Partnering with Vosburgh Orchards, a working apple orchard in Elizaville, NY, Sloop’s new brewery is opening in an early 19th century barn set on acres of rolling hills."

Sloop has already garnered a slew of cool endorsements and wonderful reviews. An rightly so!
I recently went to Sloop Brewing accompanied by Chris Moyer of Hudson Valley Distillers. I got to meet Adam and Justin, and taste the beers! Wow!
I went on a sampling spree with Justin guiding me. I first tried the CoCo Baked, which is a stout with a hint of coconut in it. Like a stout almond joy! But not sweet and cloying. But like a molten lava cake, ark dry chocolate with a hint of coconut. Subtle. Very sophisticate and freakin tasty! My new favorite stout!

I loved the Half Baked and Underground Baked as well The whole line of stouts was very impressive!
I tasted almost the whole line-up and was impressed by every beer!

Hops and oak barrel tattoo on Justin's arm. Seriously, is this the sign of a man who loves what he does, or what?

The other thing you need to know, is that behind the back woods hipster cool look and feel of the vibe at Sloop, there is a machine behind it. Justin and Adam were back there when we first arrived. This is a big brewery. This isn't just a couple of pieces like at a local brewpub. This is  a machine built to make a lot of beer - and Adam is just the man to ship it!

The seating area looks like a set out of the old Smokey and the Bandit movies. Backwoods cool! You somehow get the message that at night, you might not be cool enough to come here. That vibe isn't a mistake. At night, this back road farm brewery is hoppin' mad! You might get lost in the dark. And the sign is unassuming...and I don't think it's lit But if you know how to get here, you're gonna have a blast!


They also have a farm store, filed with local artisanal cheeses and farm fresh eggs, etc. It's so cool.  Its all local.
Are you hip enough? If you like good beer, then you're qualified. But don't get dressed up, just bring you good drinking palate. You won't be disappointed.