Sunday, April 10, 2016

Hudson Brewing Company - A Nice Addition to the Hudson Valley Beer Scene!

So I went to Hudson Brewing Company, the new small craft brewery in downtown Hudson, NY. It's across from the train station. The Hudson Brewing Company opened its doors to the public on Saturday, February 13, 2016. It is a brewpub/tasting room that gives a nod and a wink to old school Hudson, pre-Prohibition days. It's quickly become the new fun place to go in town. The brewery was packed on a Saturday night. According to them Hudson's first brewery started in 1786 until prohibition closed it in 1920. They claim to be the first brewery in Hudson since Prohibition.

Loved the references to Hudson's shady past of prostitution with names like Tainted Lady, Brazin Harlot, and Shadie Sadie. Hilarious. Started with the Tainted Lady Stout. Very nice. Very malty but not too heavy. A good, solid drinking beer. Very nice. Liked the Shave & A Haircut Double IPA a lot! And that's saying something for me, since I am tired of all the hops. But Hudson Brewing hops their Double IPA with aromatics. So the bite isn't as bad, and the floral essences are spectacular! Wow!

 Love the feel. Wish they could put some dimmers on the lights for night time drinking, though. I look a lot better in sketchier light. Other than that, looking forward to more fun at Hudson Brewing Company!