Sunday, April 10, 2016

Dutch's Spirits at Harvest Homestead Farm Opens in Pine Plains, NY!

Ariel Schline and head distiller tasting their new bourbon samples. Their bourbon is made with corn they grew there on the farm. So it will be a farm to glass bourbon! They are also working on other whiskies. The samples were impressive!!!!
 According to the website: Since the death of mobster Dutch Schultz in 1935, rumors have proliferated about the whereabouts of his buried treasure up near the craggy ranges of the Catskill Mountains– one of his favorite getaways. In 2010, a di fferent kind of fortune was unearthed in the town of Pine Plains, New York. Unlike the many other searches made over the previous decades, here lay a find discovered almost eighty years earlier. Less than a mile from the town center stood a 400 acre swath of land known as Harvest Homestead Farm, owned and operated by the Adams family for generations. It was in the heart of this land, beneath a nondescript bunkhouse atop a hill, that the treasure was buried. It wasn't the legendary suitcase of gold or cash. It wasn't a trove of jewels or stacks of bonds. It was a find much more rare and valuable to its beholders. Discovered on this farm were the foundations of a sprawling complex – a clandestine distillery, the likes of which had never been seen before.

Ariel Scline has been planning this for years. Everybody has been wondering what was going on! "When are you going to open?" was a familiar refrain. And now the buildings are up and the copper is in place. And Oh my!!!! Amazing!
As in the old days, Dutch's Spirits will age and mature in the very secret bunkers where the old mobster used to make and store his hooch! It's absolutely spectacular! It's all be loving repaired and restored by Ariel and his team!

In July 2011, after an extensive archaeological survey and review, the site was added to the New York State Archaeological Inventory as a “Bootleg Era Bunker Complex”, while the New York State Historic Preservation Office deemed it eligible for inclusion in the State and National Register of Historic places. Now, over eighty years later, Dutch’s Spirits is building a new distillery in the footprint of the original bunkhouse site, reviving the farmland, and restoring the bunkers for a rick house and museum that will help bring this rich history to light. 


The place is magnificent. The distillery operation is huge, and will immediately compete as one of the largest distilleries in the valley. There is on the tp floor, a farmer's market! And downstairs a fabulous bar with a complete selection of New York state craft wines, beers, spirits, and ciders. A kitchen equipped to service a cruise ship is set to serve two restaurants, as well as deal with the catering hall duties they hope to also provide. 


The wall paper is custom, and features the patents earned by the owner of the farm!
This will be the showplace distillery of the Hudson Valley within the next five years, make no mistake about it! And Ariel Schliene will become the Seagrams of craft spirits in New York. Come on down and see what all the fuss is going to be about!