Saturday, July 25, 2015

Wolffer: A Book Signing With Eileen Duffy and an Amazing Private Tasting With Roman Roth

Last month Eileen Duffy signed copies of her book at Wolffer Estate winery. It was a delightful day. Great weather. So much fun. And a bevy of popular wine country folks were in attendance.

Steve Bedney of A Vintner's Tale was there, with friend Patricia Olstad

Wolffer Rose' 2014 was spectacular, with strawberry and bright cherry on the nose, and a lovely lime finish! Fantastic!

Wolffer winemaker Roman Roth was also on hand, and he signed numerous books.

Eileen was there signing her book BEHIND THE BOTTLE published by Cider Mill Press, a celebration of the quality wine movement on Long Island, in which Wolffer has always been a leader.

Roman was signing the books as well, in the chapter where he is featured!


Summer in a bottle is a different rose from their normal one. Tropical fruits, strawberries, peaches, leave off this light, bright, citrusy wine! Light, fun, this is a lovely, love wine!!!

Love the estate rose'!!!! Always one of my favorites!!!!
I loved the Sagaponack Red 2012! Absolutely wonderful!!! Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc blended expertly by Roman. A very complex wine with dark cherry, bramble berry and cassis. A great finish. A lovely, lovely red.

Then a treat! A special barrel tasting with Roman in the wine cellars underneath Wolffer! This was special. I have to say, as a result of this tasting, it confirmed for me two things: Roman Roth is the winemaker we all think he is. He is a superstar! And secondly, the 2014 vintage will be one of the most spectacular vintages in New York state history!

The Wolffer 2014 Chardonnay reserve was brilliant! Melon. Green apple. Floral. Delicate! Amazing!!!!

First was a barrel sample of the Cabernet Franc 2014. Absolutely astonishing. Dark ripe cherry. Gorgeous layers even still so young. Amazing.

Wolffer Estate Merlot 2014. Spectacular! Big cherry Cassis Vanilla. Great tannins. Again, a spectacular wine. The promise is so exciting!

Grapes of Roth 2014. Another astonishing wine!!!! Huge! Big cherries, prunes, plums, and dark red raspberry. We were all astonished!

Last but not least was a library wine. Claletto 2010 Cabernet Sauvignon is an Amarone-styled red wine, using the Italian technique of raisining the grapes before crushing, producing a heavy, sweet wine that is then vinified into a big, dark, brooding red. This edition of Claletto, which they only do during special vintages, was among the most spectacular red wines I have ever ha on the island! Simply overwhelming. Prune. Lekvar. Cherry. Cassis. Red currant. All coupled with layers of dried fruit, fallen leaves, and a gorgeous, luxurious finish! Amazing!! Incredible!!

My tasting also confirmed another thing for me. Wolffer will continue to be a leader making great wine on the east coast, maintaining its position as one of the major producers of quality wine in the United States.