Thursday, March 12, 2015

Pruner's Pride Vermont Hard Cider (VT)

Champlain Orchards was established in 1998, when twenty-seven year old Bill Suhr purchased 60 acres of orchard in Shoreham, Vermont. At the time, his motivation and initiative came from a desire to live off the land. However, his knowledge of apple growing and fruit farming was far from adequate. Today, Champlain Orchards manages over 220 acres of fruit trees that includes over 70 varieties of apples as well as plums, peaches, nectarines, European and Asian Pears, raspberries, cherries, and blueberries. Bill is as ambitious and passionate.

Bill grew up in the Maryland suburbs. He began cultivating a love for Vermont from a young age by spending summers with his grandparents in Greensboro. He attended UVM where he studied Natural Resources and received a Bachelor of Science degree in Forest Biology in 1994. Right out of school, he began a career as an environmental consultant, but as he gained professional experience, it became clear that his goal was to be self-employed and earn his living off the land. He would frequently spend weekends land-hunting and toyed with plans of managing a woodlot or becoming a furniture maker. Once it came to his attention that the Larabee Point Orchard was for sale in Shoreham, it was an opportunity he could not overlook.

I picked up a bottle of Pruner's Pride at the General Store in Woodstock, Vermont. I went up this past fall to visit with my family an parents, who live in Connecticut.

Pruner’s Pride Vermont Hard Cider is their original hard cider. Made from a unique blend of apples,  this excellent cider is made with a small amount of Vermont honey. Big apple nose, with hints of bread and honey. Off dry, it drinks well, with a nice amount of zippy acidity.

Loved it!