Saturday, March 07, 2015

Balderdash Cellars Invincible Cuvee 1 (MA)

So, first, I feel badly. I have not yet had a chance to go over to visit Balderdash Cellars yet. And I very much want to. If you go online to see it, they have a lovely tasting room and they labels are very, very cool. Luckily, though, I was able to get my hands on a bottle!


Balderdash Cellars was founded in 2011, by Christian and Donna Hanson, and is located in the beautiful Berkshires of Western Massachusetts. They focus on producing ultra-premium wines made from grapes grown by world-class California vineyards.

What about the name?? According to Christian and Donna, "When we said we were starting a winery, everyone said that we were mad, obsessed, and should stick to buying wine (truthfully, it is much easier than making it) – but we answered, “Balderdash.” As we sought to name the winery, Balderdash just seemed to stick. It also seemed like a good way to describe the stories behind each wine…while generally accurate, there may be some tall tales. Hey, what story isn’t embellished just a little!"

InvincibleTM Cabernet Sauvignon CuvĂ©e 1 is a very special wine. According to Christian and Donna, "Years back, the basement was hijacked by a roving band of motley youth – led by our son. InvincibleTM celebrates their enduring friendship and daring adventures, because they truly believe they are invincible. Just like the wine, we also know these guys will mature into something even finer tomorrow."

The wine is 60% from Paso Robles and 40% from Sonoma, and the varietals are 95% Cabernet Sauvignon, and 5% Syrah. The wine was aged 6-15 months (30% new French oak, 70% used French oak), the alcohol is 13.3%, and they made 108 cases.

Ruby red and well balanced with explosive fruit on the front, middle, and back palette. This wine contains fruit from 3 different cabernet sauvignon vineyards resulting in incredibly complex structure.  The dark berry notes are worthy of savoring today, with significant potential to mature for 5-10 years.

There are several wineries that have chosen to make wine on the east coast from California fruit, including Long Point, Cereghino-Smith and Jonathan Edwards. They all make wonderful wines. And I am always happy check these kinds of wineries out. However, I think Balderdash has the opportunity to eventually become one of the leaders in forward thinking winemaking in Massachusetts. I do hope they will follow these other winery's leads, and make a few wines from locally grown grapes. Or make a blend of east coast and west coast grapes. A Frontenac Gris from Massachusetts would be fantastic and obviously Riesling from the Finger Lakes. I hope something like that's in their plans, I would love that.

Regardless, they are two professionals, who have created a sophisticated product, and  they are making wonderful wines, and you really need to get over there!

Tasting Room Closed for the Season
Reopening early April