Friday, February 20, 2015

Yard Owl Brewing Moves! And Yard Owl Fire Pit Golden Ale Is Awesome! (NY)

So, the BIG NEWS is that Yard Owl Brewing is moving!
In a statement that came out on Facebook, they stated:
"Big news from Yard Owl!! As of this afternoon we have a new home! We are moving out of our 400 sq. ft. brew space, to this Brewery-to-be in lovely Gardiner, N.Y. We will have enough room to host a tasting room, beer garden & some local lite bites. The space is big and empty so we need a little help from our beer community. Look out for our Kickstarter campaign starting St. Patricks Day!"
If you remember, Kristop Brown and James Walsh met by chance. In the year of 1997 James needed a ride to Mardi Gras and Kristop had a car. Since that crazy trip to New Orleans they have been inseparable friends. James and Kristop both have strong backgrounds in creating tasty beverages. James’ experience comes from being co-owner of the Mudd Puddle Cafe and coffee roasters in New Paltz that he established with his wife Michelle 13 years ago. Kristop has been spending his time establishing himself as an award winning wine maker in the Hudson Valley.

The two friends began their journey of beer brewing by experimenting with recipes in the kitchen. With five kids running around, they took turns raising the heat on the mash or pitching yeast to a fermenter.  After they artfully shaped these recipes, they decided it was time to take their learning to the next level by attending professional brewing courses at the esteemed UC Davis Brewing School. Armed with their new found knowledge, they opened up the small brewery and have been enjoying the success of the fruits of their labor.
Was just about to post this review when their big news was announced. I bought this bottle of Yard Owl Golden Ale a while ago. Had it with a Ploughman's Lunch of New York aged dark sharp cheddar, pickles, and Triscuit crackers and some great French mustard brought back from Paris by some friends of ours.

Yard Owl Fire Pit Golden Ale is an American Pale Ale if you're looking for a definition. But Yard Owl is always hard to define. Their beers are very unique.

Pour: Hazy golden colored ale. Nice carbonation. Not overly so, but solid.

Head: An off-white foamy head, that was about two fingers from a heavy pour. I like it that way. The head lingers nicely, leaving a nice lacing that doesn't stick to the sides of the glass for too long, but over all very, very pretty.

Nose: Beautiful floral nose, with orange zest, roasty malt, peach and apricot, chamomile, clove spice, citrus all coming through.

Palate: This is a big, zesty pale ale. Nice roasty, maltiness comes through first, almost like a Scotch Ale, but then the flavors kick in. Stone fruits like peach, apricot, and apple definitely come through. Nice amount of bitternes, so that the beer is well balanced. Great flavor afterwards. Very savory. Easy to drink.

Loved it!!!!