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Taste Camp 2014 Hudson Valley was held October 10th and 11th in a series of tours, grand tastings and dinners up and down the Hudson Valley. The event is organized by Lenn Thompson of The New York Cork Report and sponsored by the Hudson Valley Wine Country. For two days wine and spirits writers and bloggers from all over the US attended the series of tastings of wines, ciders, and spirits all produced in the Hudson Valley.
Below are the articles that came out of that series of tastings on the highlights of the Hudson Valley wines, cider, and spirits scene. There's plenty of stuff here, plus there's doubtless more to come. We will try to up-date as we go along.
TasteCamp 2014: Hudson Valley Kicks of Drink Local Wine Week 2014
Top 10 Tastes from TasteCamp 2014: Hudson Valley
Terroir in Whiskey? Inside the Quest for Individuality at the Hudson Valley’s Hillrock Estate Distillery
Hudson-Chatham Winery 2012 River’s Edge Casscles Vineyard Reserve
Hudson Valley Wine: Hidden Gem of Local Wine
TasteCamp: Hudson River Region AVA
Discovering #HudsonValley Spirits During #TasteCamp: Part I - Hillrock Estate Distillery
Discovering #HudsonValley Spirits During #TasteCamp: Part II
#TasteCamp Explores #HudsonValley #Cider
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Hudson Valley Bounty Photos from TasteCamp 2014 

Observations from TasteCamp 2014 
#DrinkLocal #Wine Week–October 12, 2014 Kickoff #TasteCamp
Hudson River Schooled - TasteCamp 2014
Hudson Valley TasteCamp 2014 Day 1
Hudson Valley TasteCamp 2014 Day 2 - Hillrock Distillery
Hudson Valley TasteCamp 2014 Day 2 Husdon-Chatham to Tousey
Quick Visit to Harvest Spirits
Harvest Spirits in Valatie, NY, with Derek and Ashley Grout
TasteCamp At Hudson Valley: Hillrock Estate Distillery
TasteCamp At Hudson Valley: Spirits
TasteCamp At Hudson Valley: Hudson-Chatham Winery
TasteCamp At Hudson Valley: Worthy Wines
TasteCamp At Hudson Valley: Cider
TasteCamp At Hudson Valley: Spirits
TasteCamp At Hudson Valley: Hillrock Estate Distillery
TasteCamp At Hudson Valley: Some History
What defines a wine region? Questions following TasteCamp in the Hudson Valley
Two Reds From Victory View's Gerry Barnhart
Glorie Farm Winery Cabernet Franc 2013 - Impressive Showing
The Standard Cider Company - True Ciders From The Hudson Valley
Matt Spaccarelli at 90! Points that is...Benmarl Winery
Michael Kaiser, of Drink Local Wine and Wine America, Lauds the Hudson Valley
TasteCamp - Hudson Valley
TasteCamp 2014 in Hudson River Valley 10/10-12 to Start Drink Local Wine Week
Cidermakers Wow Campers at TasteCamp 2014
Celebrating Locapour: seventh annual Drink Local Wine Week starts today

Drink Local: Taste Camp